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We provide a solid, easy to deploy, use and integrate set of ready-to-use apps in the Office 365 cloud, which will shorten the time spend for content creation, tasks assignment and communication to minutes, instead of weeks.
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Inspirations and examples of what you can achieve with elastic 365 apps. The ever expanding how-to guide about running your business in the cloud.

April, 2017 2

#easterbot – behind the scenes

If you’ve had seen our easter installation you’re probably interested how we’ve made it. Let’s talk a bit how we’ve managed to use newest technologies like serverless and IoT to achieve it. All endpoints are easily connected using Microsoft Flow There were two fundamental building blocks for the entire installation. First was our product [...]

Rafał HryniewskiRafał Hryniewski

Use case: Launch Falcon 9

Elastic Forms application is part of our bigger project called Elastic Workplace, our main intention so far was automating business processes, making them faster and get rid of unnecessary paperwork. Since planet Earth is actually a small one we’re thinking bigger, we’re thinking space. Lately, we’ve shown you an example of combining [...]

Rafał HryniewskiRafał Hryniewski