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Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation: Manage and share knowledge using cloud-based mobile intranet

Grzegorz CiwoniukGrzegorz Ciwoniuk

Welcome to the new series, where we will publish common business scenarios describing the best ways to jumpstart your Digital Transformation using elastic 365 apps and Microsoft products.

Company’s intranet is the best place for sharing internal knowledge

It’s clear, and you know it. Intranet portal is the most common place for collecting and sharing in-company knowledge – from simple announcements to a highly structured knowledge base. Also, the most common platform for building intranet portals is, of course, SharePoint (according to NN Group, 9 out of 10 best intranets use SharePoint). But how to build an easy-to-use SharePoint-based intranet portal without wasting months on analysis and development?

Well, the Digital Transformation is about using the right and easily-adaptable tools in the rapidly changing tech world, so custom-developed solutions will not always be the right option. In fact, James Robertson, a world-class intranet expert predicted (already in early 2016!):

Within 1-2 years, the #SharePoint #intranet marketplace will shift from 90% custom-coded solutions, to 80-90% out-of-the-box intranet products running on SharePoint as a platform.

Therefore the best option is to get a ready-to-go, SharePoint-based intranet solution, like Elastic Intranet.

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Provide fast and mobile access to your knowledge base

Digital Transformation is also about a seamless access to the data, wherever you are and whatever device you use, and this, in most cases, means moving to the cloud.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is the most widely used commercial cloud platform. Just last week the company confirmed that the new number is “more than 100 million monthly active users” and it grows rapidly.

Using Office 365 offerings, like SharePoint‘s document libraries with document collaboration and co-authoring features and Elastic Intranet‘s Azure-powered fast, responsive and mobile-first infrastructure, you will be able to provide your users a global access to in-company knowledge on the go.

Ideas Bank is one of the powerful features from the Elastic Intranet’s knowledge area

Additionally, we are working on dedicated mobile apps to make it even easier to work with Elastic Intranet and provide the best mobile experience possible.

Automate knowledge management

Your company’s knowledge base (and intranet) constantly grows with the organization and it can get to the point, where it will be harder and harder to find the right answers to important questions. But no worries, there’s a way to prevent the mess and make it easier for your users to quickly get needed information – allow them to ask questions.

Elastic Intranet‘s knowledge management features allow you to easily build even very extensive information architectures. One of those features is a simple FAQ page, which can be used for a quick creation of clear and understandable QnA lists, with the option to send a custom question to an expert assigned to the specific subject.

The automation factor comes with a Chat Bot, which will be able to automatically match your questions with answers and provide a conversational interface to ask for information stored in your intranet. Then, if there’s no answer found in the knowledge base, the question will be redirected to an expert, who will add the answer for future use.

Soon you will be able to use a Chat Bot based on Microsoft’s QnA Maker, which will live inside Elastic Intranet to help your users find the right answers and automate knowledge management process in your company.

Digital Transformation is about being able to deploy new technologies in a much more agile manner

We’ve covered a simple scenario of using cloud-based & ready-to-go intranet platform with Azure and Office 365 to improve knowledge management and provide a seamless access to important information regardless the time, place and device.

The series will continue to cover more business scenarios around main Digital Transformation pillars to help you understand how can you:

  1. Empower your employees – help them achieve more by creating a work environment that allows to collaborate from anywhere, on any device
  2. Optimize your operations – reduce costs with intelligent processes and by coordinating people and assets more efficiently
  3. Transform your products – drive agility with open and connected systems and highly-automated digital processes to evolve how your organization delivers value

Take the first step to jumpstart your Digital Transformation – get free 30-day trial of Elastic Intranet here, or contact us in case of any questions 👋

Every company is a software company. You have to start thinking and operating like a digital company. It’s no longer just about procuring one solution and deploying one. It’s not about one simple software solution. It’s really you yourself thinking of your own future as a digital company.

– Satya Nadella CEO, Microsoft

Over 5 years of experience in software development in Microsoft technologies, UX and project management. Responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining intranet environments for the biggest companies in Poland.

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