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Five reasons to choose Elastic Intranet

Imagine your brand new, SharePoint-based intranet platform available in just a few clicks away

Grzegorz CiwoniukGrzegorz Ciwoniuk

If you are looking for a new intranet portal for your company, look no more. Here are five reasons to consider Elastic Intranet as an internal communication platform that your company will love to use.

1. It’s ready in minutes

Imagine your brand new, SharePoint-based intranet platform available in just a few clicks away.

Sounds impossible? Sure, for a long time the only option for a fully-featured internal communication and knowledge management portal was to hire an external software vendor to develop your perfect solution from scratch. It took months and hundreds of thousands $ to deploy, not to mention complicated service and a whole team dedicated to create and manage content.

Those times are over, and now you have the opportunity to quickly install and adopt a ready-to-go, but still fully-featured intranet portal for your company in less than 10 minutes:

2. Quick and easy content creation

Forget about the complicated content preparation and editing process. Instead, increase your creativity and productivity by using over 100 prepared and ready-to-use blocks.

Create beautiful articles, news and event pages. Publish galleries or build a bulletproof newsletter, and all this in a solid, responsive and consistent design, without any need of technical skills or resources for the architecture management:

3. As a service, or dedicated

Elastic Intranet is available in two models, tailored to your company’s needs:

Additionally, unlike any other ready-to-go SharePoint-based intranet product, Elastic Intranet doesn’t replace SharePoint’s features or UI but lives next to it using all the advantages, so platform updates or migration to higher/cloud version of SharePoint doesn’t cause any problems, data loss or additional costs.

4. All features you can expect from a modern intranet

At the end of the day, most of the custom-developed intranet solutions contain the same range of features. Why then re-invent the intranet wheel over and over again?

Save the costs of never-ending analysis, we’ve made it for you! Elastic Intranet was born from hundreds of intranet projects to give you the best experience possible – news, company events, newsletter, address book, organization structure, location maps, resources booking, knowledge base and many more useful features. Elastic Intranet in its simplicity is a powerful tool not only for content management but also in enterprise and knowledge areas.

Elastic Intranet allows you to build completely new custom modules from ready-to-use blocks, without any programming or technical skills. Thanks to that, you have a possibility to constantly evolve employee engagement and internal communication without additional time and costs needed for custom-developed features.

5. Loved by customers

Customers from all over the world use Elastic Intranet as their internal communication platform.

Elastic Intranet is a modern and easy-to-use tool for internal communication. We especially appreciate the unique in this type of solutions ease of use, which allows even less experienced users to easily create and manage content.

– Krzysztof Kiełmiński, Director of Communication Office, PKP Energetyka

From teams containing just 16 people to enterprise organizations with over 7,000 employees – this proves Elastic Intranet is a perfect solution regardless of company size or industry type.


Still wondering? Get a free 30-day trial, or contact us for a personal demo session to let us show you how Elastic Intranet could improve your employees’ productivity and engagement.

Get free 30-day trial today!

Over 5 years of experience in software development in Microsoft technologies, UX and project management. Responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining intranet environments for the biggest companies in Poland.

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