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What’s the point of supporting local IT meetups?

Working with IT specialists? We too. Here's what we figured out...

Marta RogalewskaMarta Rogalewska

If a tech company considers supporting local IT community and meetups, especially those small ones with highly specialized profile, there will be always somebody asking the difficult, hard-truth-revealing question: “But is it REALLY worth it?

“What are the benefits of putting our logo here and there?”, “What are the chances of really recruiting new staff there?”, “Let’s put this money in LinkedIn campaign, we’ll get more reach!”.
My response is: STOP! If you ask questions of this kind, you are truly missing the point.

Culture – created by people, fueled by companies
It’s natural that industry cultures are born from a collection of bottom-up initiatives. People want to meet, exchange experiences, have fun, network, promote internal specialists. Meetups are initiated from a natural need for activity and personal development. And from the urge to have something own in one’s professional career.

It’s also natural that your employees want be part of it. Not all of them, but some do.
We appreciate all Elastic Cloud Solutions developers who want to join meetings connected to their skills. And we’re particularly proud of those active spirits who want to organize them. Or those confident and ready-to-conquer-the-world guys and gals who want to speak and share their knowledge with the community. It’s great we have them. Our job is to follow them.

Marcin Iwanowski - meetups coordinator

Marcin Iwanowski introducing partners of Bialystok Azure Group Meeting.

So that’s how meetups are born. “By the people, for the people”. But then, often harsh reality comes up. Events grow, so do participants’ expectations. And the creators’ energy burns out without being stoked. That’s where the supporting companies with their experience and resources go in. We can make their tasks easier and fuel their good energy. It’s our job to notice those small engaging meetings, through the wide range of professional, large-scale conferences offer.

Responsibility over profit conversion
Supporting industry bottom-up initiatives is not a matter of conversion to direct profit. It’s a matter of corporate social responsibility. There’s your true CSR strategy. There’s your organizational culture. There’s your employee engagement building. In a form of real action, not just claims.

It’s there, on a small local meetups, a true community is born and who should support it and build the industry culture, if not us, the IT companies? That’s our chance to shape the professional image of our specialist: developer, analysts, testers, project managers, UX designers, solution researches etc. And it’s our duty to help in speeding up the flow of knowledge, to motivate our employees (current, future, ex, all of them) to be active, to look for role models and inspirations or to inspire others.

Bialystok Azure Group
This post was inspired by April’s edition of our favorite events, Bialystok Azure Group Meetings. Although it’s completely independent grassroots initiative of local Microsoft Azure specialists, we fill strongly connected with it (we support it together with companies like JetBrains or Bottega) and you can meet many of our team colleagues there.
We invite you to follow them and join their monthly meetups and additional workshops. They meet every first Wednesday of the month (the next one is planned on May 8th and will focus on teamwork, Azure Container Registry and machine learning). The good energy and passion are worth it. No ROI calculation needed.

Artur Boryczko, Senior .Net Developer at Elastic Cloud Solutions

Artur Boryczko, Senior .Net Developer at Elastic Cloud Solutions as a speaker during April’s edition of Bialystok Azure Group Meeting


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