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Polish start-up delighted advisers of IBM, Intel and Google (press release)

Grzegorz CiwoniukGrzegorz Ciwoniuk

The solution created by Polish start-up, Elastic Cloud Solutions, was awarded the prestigious Nielsen Norman Design Award 2018. The innovative solution, which improves internal communication has been chosen as one of the top 10 intranets in the world. It was awarded, among other things, for outstanding intranet design and it’s excellent user experience, which results in increased effectiveness and commitment of employees, as well as improvement of the enterprises’ competitive advantage.

The consulting company Nielsen Norman Group is a global leader in usability research. Don Norman, co-founders of the company, is recognized as one of Apple’s success fathers. Thanks to his skills, the iconic Apple products are intuitive and easy to use. Managers from the world’s largest corporations regularly read reports and studies prepared by Nielsen Norman Group to find the best solutions for their organizations. The Nielsen Norman Design Award means that the product is perfectly designed, modern and above all, user-oriented. The winners of that prestigious award are perceived as trendsetters. Among this year’s winners there were intranets used by such Fortune 500 companies as: e-Bay, Delta Air Lines or GSK.

Among the top 10 intranets awarded in 2018, Nielsen Norman honoured the solution created by Elastic Cloud Solutions. That innovative start-up is taking part in the Startberry’s acceleration programs. Earlier, participated in MIT Enterprise Forum Poland. The award-winning solution, Elastic Intranet, was implemented at PKP Energetyka S.A. The award means that the employees of this company use the solution, which is very innovative and internationally competitive.

"Effective internal communication is one of the key elements of employee engagement, especially in a company that operates across the whole country. When deploying the intranet, we decided to bet on an innovative solution on the market. The Award proves that it was the right decision"
— said Krzysztof Kiełmiński, Director of the Communication Office of PKP Energetyka S.A.
"Elastic Intranet accelerates the process of digital transformation, helping companies create a workplace that is elastic, intelligent and secure. In our opinion, digitalization of the organization should primarily concern employees and concentrate on internal communication’s improvements. Solution provided for PKP Energetyka S.A. is a perfect example of that idea. We are very satisfied with the effects of our cooperation."
— added Łukasz Skłodowski, Chief Executive Officer of Elastic Cloud Solutions

The founders of Elastic Cloud Solutions for the last few years, have been working for the largest organizations in Poland and around the world, helping them to create extensive solutions in the area of internal communication. This allowed the company to get to know the most important problems faced by large organizations and then pack all the best practices into a ready to implement, innovative product. The ambition of the start-up is to create a mobile, intelligent and fully digital workplace that will effectively improve the management of communication, knowledge and tasks.

"Our products introduce technologies, which are widely used on the consumer market, but not yet adpoted in the work environment, like: mobile devices, IoT or AI, which allows employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, from any place and device."
— explains Grzegorz Ciwoniuk, Chief Technology Officer Elastic Cloud Solutions

The Elastic Cloud Solutions company, despite its relatively short history of market activity, already cooperates with the largest Polish companies in the energy and financial sectors. It has also multiple awards for its innovations.

"The award from Nielsen Norman Group proves that our products are better than many solutions offered by industry leaders. That’s why the dynamic international expansion is one of our main goals now."
— sums up the president of the company, Łukasz Skłodowski

About Elastic Cloud Solutions

Elastic Cloud Solutions provides a set of ready-made solutions that improve communication, knowledge management and productivity in organizations, thanks to the use of mobile technologies, IoT and artificial intelligence. Elastic Intranet is already used by customers from around the world.

The Elastic Cloud Solutions team has been working for the largest organizations in Poland and the world for the last few years, helping them to create complex intranet solutions on the SharePoint platform and in the Office 365 cloud. This allowed the company to discover the most important problems faced by large organizations and gain the necessary experience to realize the vision of a modern digital workplace.

For more information about the company and its product, please contact Grzegorz Ciwoniuki (+48) 730 730 933, grzegorz.ciwoniuk@elastic365.com

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