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How to win the BEST INTRANET DESIGN award

Marta RogalewskaMarta Rogalewska

It was undoubtedly a breakthrough year for Elastic Cloud Solutions. We increased the number of our users to 200 000. We’ve built great relations with many new clients. Our solutions were implemented in banks, public sector organizations and large corporations. There was no month without winning a significant award. We were announced the Polish Startup of the Year. But above all, we have received a holy grail in our industry: “Best intranet design” title from Nielsen Norman Group. 

PKP Energetyka is one of the largest energetic companies in Poland. They decided to use Elastic Workplace, as a perfect tool to improve internal communication. The platform was designed with a strong focus on end-user experience. It’s powerful, yet so simple to use. Minimalistic and beautiful. Working smoothly on any device. Integrated with other external tools to provide one friendly environment.
Elastic Cloud Solutions team believes that that’s the key to a true digital transformation: choosing products that are not only useful, but also pleasant to work with, well designed, aesthetic and easy in implementation. If the employees want to use it and if they love the experience – the digital change within your organization will happen faster and with less difficulties. In such cases the software becomes a true tool to achieve business goals.
All this was noticed by the global leader in usability research – Nielsen Norman Group. Elastic Workplace implemented in PKP Energetyka was announced 1 of 10 best intranets in the world and included in annual NNG report as one of the good design examples. Being a part of this report, a world famous document, read by high-level, solution seeking managers, was important factor to get the momentum, that we have today. We are looking forward to the New Year and to all new exciting breakthroughs coming in 2019.



Nielsen Norman Group Award


About Elastic Cloud Solutions

Elastic Cloud Solutions provides a set of ready-made solutions that improve communication, knowledge management and productivity in organizations, thanks to the use of mobile technologies, IoT and artificial intelligence. Elastic Workplace is already used by customers from around the world.

The Elastic Cloud Solutions team has been working for the largest organizations in Poland and the world for the last few years, helping them to create complex intranet solutions on the SharePoint platform and in the Office 365 cloud. This allowed the company to discover the most important problems faced by large organizations and gain the necessary experience to realize the vision of a modern digital workplace.


For more information about the company and its product, please contact Marta Rogalewska (+48) 601 321 443, marta.rogalewska@elastic365.com