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workai – one platform, four flexible products to mix and match any SME / Enterprise needs

Marta RogalewskaMarta Rogalewska

We are counting down till the day of the official, global premiere of workai: the new generation of Elastic Cloud Solutions’ digital workplace products. What exactly can be found on the new digital employee experience platform? 

Workai is ready to roll, intelligent and cloud-based digital workplace platform. Its main job is to improve internal communication, engagement and knowledge management. It contains four powerful applications connected into one consistent ecosystem:

  1. workai.intranet for a top-class internal communication
    User-centered intranet. Create articles, events, news, and beautiful pages. Publish galleries or build a bulletproof newsletter. Drag and drop any of over 100 ready to use elements in the simple and fun-to-use block builder. With no stress – it will always keep its solid, responsive and consistent design. Target communication to specific groups of employees or reach them through the mobile app with push notifications.
  2. workai.connections to build culture and engage the community
    Build the social media platform of your own. Boost your employees’ engagement and motivation with better communication & social features. Understand them better. Monitor moods. Give them support.
  3. workai.knowledge for every smart and fast-learning organization
    Don’t lose your precious know-how. Create and manage knowledge easily. Make it easy to find, social, visually attractive. Don’t worry about outdated file versions. Engage your internal experts. Improve the quality of your customer service and speed-up your organization.
  4. workai.locations making your workplace work for you
    Feel welcomed in your work. Where everything is easy to find, the conference room is waiting for your meeting, your favorite parking spot is booked only for you and there’s nothing ever missing in your equipment.

All products can be introduced to the organization at once or added one-by-one as a part of the step-by-step adaption strategy. However you decide to use them, they will always bring joy and positive change to the way how your employees work.

You can activate it with just a few clicks with no single line of code. Try it out on a selected team without any obligations. And let workai do its magic changing the way your employees work forever.

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About Elastic Cloud Solutions

Elastic Cloud Solutions provides a set of ready-made solutions that improve communication, knowledge management and productivity in organizations, thanks to the use of mobile technologies, IoT and artificial intelligence.

The Elastic Cloud Solutions team has been working for the largest organizations in Poland and the world for the last few years, helping them to create complex intranet solutions on the SharePoint platform and in the Office 365 cloud. This allowed the company to discover the most important problems faced by large organizations and gain the necessary experience to realize the vision of a modern digital workplace.

For more information about the company and its product, please contact Marta Rogalewska (+48) 601 321 443, marta.rogalewska@elastic365.com